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Honibe - Pure Honey Joy


Hello,I came down with a very sore throat on the weekend and happened to be in Loblaws last night (Mississauga, Ontario). Saw your product and because it was made in Canada and 99% honey I bought a package of the lozenges. They are amazing, chemical free and MADE in CANADA :-)!! and ease the throat pain!!! I have already spread the word....thank you! Carla, Mississauga, ON - July 2014
I am a huge fan of the Honibe lozenges. When I'm feeling sick, the last thing I need is for my body to deal with extra chemicals and refined sugars. The Honibe lozenges are a great natural alternative to many products available on the market. Thank you for making tasty and healthy lozenges, I really enjoy them! C. Royer - March 2014
My wife loved your lozenges! No more Halls, Ricola and Buckley’s for us! She quickly ran out of the samples but was able to find some at our local Loblaws store. She mailed some out to her sisters in White Rock, Montréal and Sault-Ste-Marie! Richard G, Ontario - January 2014
Found your product on an SCD friendly grocery store web site. Our daughter has Crohn's disease and is doing the SCD diet. She is studying in France and getting lots of colds and has no throat lozenges available without sugar. We are stocking up to give her a bunch of your Honey Lozenges when she is home at Christmas. Thanks. Tom S, Massachusetts, USA - December 2013
Just wanted to drop a quick email to say thanks; Honibe Lozenges are great! I've unfortunately been sick with a cold for a week now using all the standard cough drops out there, with ridiculously long and scary ingredient lists, that only provide mediocre relief. I purchase my first pack of Lemon Honey Lozenges today, had one, and will never buy the other again. Thanks! Logan J, St. Albert, AB - November 2013
I 'discovered' these Honey Lozenges at The Real Canadian Superstore. They are undoubtedly the absolute BEST cough suppressant I've ever used. I have emailed the link to your website to everyone in my address book. My father used Buckley's Mixture, I've used it for years, and my sons use it. Not any more. Thanks for a great Canadian product! Bud L, St. Thomas, ON - November 2013
Hi John! Just wanted to let you know how much my Wife likes your Honey Lozenges. She has had an ongoing cough for many years and no other product so far has had any effect, until yesterday we bought a pack of Honey Lozenges with great results. There is nothing better than natural products! Thanks Again! Pete K, Fraser Valley, BC - October 2013
Hi There, I am writing in regards to your product, honey lozenges, which I received a sample of at the NHPRS conference this past May, in Windsor, Ontario. I had started using the product when my allergies started to kick in, which means a terribly sore throat and itchy ears for most of the spring and summer. I have tried many allergy medications and nose sprays, of which none have worked. Your product has been able to successfully relieve these two symptoms (for up to 4 hours). I am extremely impressed with your product, and will be purchasing more from a nearby supplier. As a natural health product researcher, it is encouraging to see natural products have success even in small scale treatment. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product!! Sarah R, Waterloo, ON - June 2013
I was shopping today at Sobeys and came across your product on the shelf and couldn't resist buying it simply based on how gorgeous the presentation would be having tea with someone! I got home and had to try one asap - I was not disappointed! In fact I loved it so much I immediately had to google and discover more - and of course Pin you to Pintrest.. but which category?! Fav products? Food? Great gifts? Good Ideas? I decided all of them :) Bravo for such a great product and dbl bravo for being Canadian ♥ Taryn M, Edmonton, AB - April 2013
I sing in a band and the Honey Lozenges really helped to keep the vocal passages clear. My opinion is they were effective and they had a very nice taste. I like that it uses honey, it is all-natural, it has a nice taste, but you can still feel the menthol and eucalyptus working. Bruce C, Midland, ON - Singer - January 2013
Just tried the honey lozenges for the first time, they are great! I had been wanting to try the product for a long time since seeing the Dragon's Den feature. I was glad to see you get into Shoppers because I have one close by. I'm looking forward to trying the honey drops and honey candies. Great Canadian product! I will definitely be a repeat customer. John O, Guelph, ON - January 2013
Derek Tweel, Murphy's Pharmacies, Charlottetown, PE - December 2012
As an MD you recommend products that will work for your clients, and Honibe Honey Lozenges do just that. They relieve your sore throat symptoms which helps you function better while your body fights off upper respiratory tract infections. As the perfect all natural solution, I recommend them to anyone over the age of 5. Carson Seeber MD, BscKin, Genesys Medical Center, Grand Blanc, MI - December 2012
I have personally used Honibe Honey Lozenges for the past two years when I have come down with a sore throat or cough, and they help relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively! In comparison to other lozenges on the market, they work just as well and taste much better. As an all natural product, I would recommend Honibe Honey Lozenges to everyone from kids 5 and above to the elderly. Craig Meek, Rexall Pharmacist, Charlottetown, PEI - December 2012
I always carry Honibe Honey Lozenges with me as I travel for work and competitions. They always relieve my sore throats so I can deliver my speeches and seminars with no worries. Honibe is truly your most effective and healthiest solution on the market! Kimberly Castle, professional fitness model & author of the Pretty-Fit Lifestyle, Dallas, TX - November 2012
I love to support local products and Honibe has emerged as more than just supporting a local product, but an effective natural cough and cold lozenge. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I encourage a natural approach to healthcare and highly recommend all Honibe products to my clients, family and friends. Rachelle Wood, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Rachelle Wood Nutrition Inc., Charlottetown, PEI - November - 2012
John, I wanted to let you know that I currently have a cold and have been using your lozenges. They are amazing at relieving the symptoms. I barely need to take other medication. I thought I would pass that on to you. I really like them and I will use no other brand. Thank you for making them. Alex D., Charlottetown, PEI - November 2012
Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing product! Last year I developed pneumonia and was bedridden, constant coughs, etc. I was able to sleep after taking a chance and purchasing a pkg of these. At first I loved the taste and was amazing at how well it coated my throat. I was able to sleep with them as I kept it under my tongue to sleep. I started coughing immediately when they wore off. I owe my health to these cough drops and I constantly recommend them to all the Faculty, staff and students that come by my desk with colds, flues, etc. Thanks again and have a great day!!Barbara Gauvin, Dalhousie University, Physics & Atmospheric Science, Halifax, NS - October 2012
Dear John, Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful product and the letter you sent along with my last order. I thought you might be interested in knowing that I discovered a lone box of Honibe drops on a shelf of condiments at Whole Foods. I wouldn’t normally purchase an approx. $10 box of honey drops, but I was recently diagnosed with a ton of food allergies and have been dying for some kind of natural candy. I was really happy to find the candy drops on your website and shared a lot of my last order with friends who have food allergies or who I noticed had coughs. Everyone loves your product! Thanks again and best of luck!Heidi, Boston, MA - October 2012
I have been sick for a very long time with pneumonia and still not better. The only thing that seems to make me feel better is taking your honey drops with hot water and Lemon. I also have a pack of Honibe Lozenges with Lemon on the go at all times. I decided to vary up my usual drink and I dropped one of the honey and lemon lozenges with menthol & eucalyptus in the water. Well what a soothing drink!! It was a nice variation and the menthol tasted really soothing in the drink. I just wanted to tell you if you haven't already known that the lozenges are great in hot water!! Thank you for your great products.Gail, Nova Scotia - September 2012
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that stumbled upon your honeydrops by getting a gift from a friend. She was visiting Nova Scotia and picked up a box along with some real maple syrup. She knows I love honey. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the drops in tea but the best use of all for my son. He refuses to eat candy or take medicine of any kind. The candy is not an issue, but when it comes time to medicate, it can be an issue. Your honeydrops were our saving grace. He will suck on them for a sore throat or cough. How elated I was to go online to order more honeydrops, only to find that there are now lozenges! Thank you for such an innovative and high-quality product! Sincerely from Saskatchewan,Bluesette Campbell, PACE President, Meadow Lake, SK, (www.paceinc.ca) - August 2012
Susan, I heard about and tried your honey drops from a fellow firefighter that happens to be Canadian. I love them in my tea. This is my second order. I am trying the honey with lemon this time. Thank you for a fantastic product,Dave, Miramar Beach, FL - May 2012
Mr Rowe, Thanks so much for the replacement Honey Drops. I was pleasantly surprised to find you had reissued my whole order. I thought Honey Drops were a great product before, but now I'm even more impressed thanks to your customer service. Congratulations on your awards and best of luck in future endeavors.Denia, Goldsboro, NC - April 2012
Dear John, Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful product and the letter you sent along with my last order. I thought you might be interested in knowing that I discovered a lone box of Honibe drops on a shelf of condiments at Whole Foods. I wouldn’t normally purchase an approx. $10 box of honey drops, but I was recently diagnosed with a ton of food allergies and have been dying for some kind of natural candy. I was really happy to find the candy drops on your website and shared a lot of my last order with friends who have food allergies or who I noticed had coughs. Everyone loves your product! Heidi, Boston, MA - April 2012
We love the honey drops. They are great in tea and the grand kids have a piece of honey rather than candy. They we a big hit over Christmas time. We will be ordering more. May I suggest Cinnamon with Honey. Please see attached for information on the benefits of the combination. Mike & Mary White - January 2012
I think your product is wonderful. I am selling it at my 3 coffee shops, and I will begin using it on coffee tables for our catering business." Wendy Krispin, President, Wendy Krispin Caterer, Inc. The Dallas Design Center Dallas, TX, (www.wendykrispincaterer.com) - December 2011
I have ordered once before...my daughter (7 yr.old; has autism), and our pediatrician told us to go and buy buckwheat honey. Then on Daily Candy I saw your ad. Our daughter does not suck on things so I started just giving her tsp.s of honey. But I would just suck on the drops!! I love them!! We love your product!! Lucy, Aptos, CA - November 2011
Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter and I were away on a 15 day school tour in eastern Europe and rec'd our Honey Drop order upon our return. We both had sore throats and I remember my Granny trying to get us to take a spoonful of honey "back in the day".........so I sucked on a couple of the honey drops and VOILA - no more sore throat! Have made some tea with it too and am delighted with your product. Am sending some on to my teacher daughter in B.C. and cannot wait to see what she thinks of it. Congrats on the success of your little business. I think you have a winner and wish I would have thought of it!!" Niki, Pollockville, AB - October 2011
Thanks John and by the way me and my mom tried the honey lemon today and it was delicious! Great idea. Marj, Southgate, MI - October 2011
I promised to get back to you after I had used your product. I love it! I love honey in my tea and often carry the plastic containers of liquid honey which can be messy! I used Honey Drop today and it was wonderful simple to use and mmmmm tasty! Thank you for a great product!" Marjee, Prior Lake, MN - September 2011
Well, I am pleased to tell you that I received my Honey Drop order yesterday!!!! I must say I love the product. I tried it last night. I am also impressed how the packaging and the product go hand in hand. Very creative. I have mentioned your product and website to a number of people. I definitely will be sending for more. Thank you again. Mona, Edmonton, AB - July 2011
I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Honey Drops and have begun using them. They are absolutely terrific, and so easy to use! I absolutely love the honey/lemon mixture& it truly is perfect! I look forward to buying more when I run out, and perhaps try a new flavor!" Kate, Pittsburgh, PA - May 2011
I received my honey drops...thank you very much. I love them! What a great idea. My mother loved them too...I heard about them through a friend who knows I love to drink tea. I think it is a great idea and the fact that it is pure honey is why I purchased them. Thank you for a great product! I will continue to support your company as I really enjoy a good Canadian company doing something great." Allana, Carleton Place, ON - March 2011
I received my order at the beginning of the week. Two words for how I feel about Honey Drop: LOVE THEM!! Wow. I will definitely be ordering more very soon. Thanks and looking forward to continued Honey Drop use! By the way, they are great by themselves. Just pop one in your mouth and savor the sweet honey! Karen, Boones Mill, VA - March 2011
First let me congratulate you on your wonderful product! We were all very excited, like kids in a candy store :) I can't wait to try your other flavors, please let me know when the summer production starts. Kind regards from Spain." Maja, Marbella, Spain - January 2011