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Honibe - Pure Honey Joy

John Rowe, Founder, Charlottetown, PE - Honibe - Pure Honey Joy® - Bee-cause Honey Is Best - Honey4Energy Video - January 2014

Honey To Go™

Have you ever held honey in your hand? Well now you can! Honibe® introduces the award winning Honey Drop®, the world's first pure, non-sticky honey that you can hold and a better tasting sugar cube. Imagine no more sticky fingers!

We recommend using the Honey Drop® to sweeten your tea, coffee or hot water. Simply stir into your favorite hot beverage and enjoy. One Honey Drop® equals a teaspoon of liquid honey...without any of the mess!

Listen closely: Tea and coffee drinkers around the globe can be heard clapping...:)

"The Honey Drop®, The Ultimate Fuel For Astronauts, Will Be Powering Commander Chris Hadfield's Mission To The International Space Station " - Press Release - December 19th, 2012

"Honibe™- Pure Honey Joy™ Takes on the Dragons - Honibe™ on CBC's Dragons' Den January 19th, 2011" - Press Release - January 11, 2011
Bee-cause Honey is


We are pleased to introduce you to Honibe® - Pure Honey Joy® our line of all natural, specialty honey products from Prince Edward Island, Canada. We offer varietals as found on the mainland, as well as, a few local varietals that are unique to our Island.

We also offer the award winning Honey Drop® - Honey To Go™, the world's first pure, non-sticky honey that you can hold in your hand, as well as, Honey Delights® - Nature's Tastiest Candy™ the world's first honey candy made from pure dried honey, Honey Sprinkles™ - for Desserts, Baking and More™ the world's first granular honey, as well as, the world's first pure Honey Lozenges™ - Nature's Cough Drop™ with natural therapeutic ingredients!

We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer. Enjoy!

Here's the Buzz...

" Island Abbey Foods Ltd.™ Announced Today A Partnership With Leading French Pharmaceutical Company Gifrer - Honibe® Co-Branding With Gifrer Alma miel Creating France’s First All Natural Honey Lozenges with Vitamin C, Menthol and Eucalyptus " - Press Release - October 14, 2014

" Island Abbey Foods Ltd ™ annonce aujourd'hui un partenariat avec la compagnie pharmaceutique Gifrer - Le co-marquage de Honibe® et Alma Miel de Gifrer apporte en France, les toutes premières pastilles au miel naturel avec vitamine C, menthol et eucalyptus" - Communiqué - Octobre 14, 2014

" Island Abbey Foods Launches Two New Honibe – Honey Lozenges Across Canada:
Honey Lozenges with Cherry and Honey Lozenges with Immune Boost Now Available at Select Pharmacies and Online at
www.Honibe.com" - Press Release - September 17, 2014